My Workplace

Just thought I would give a quick look at my desk here in my room.


It’s busy, I’ll give you that, yet somehow cohesive. Each section is separated based on their figure line, but within each section there is a logical order. Quick example, the amiibo are organized by character popularity and group by game.

This may all seem distracting, especially at a work place, but they definitely aid in creativity. Nothing is more therapeutic and zen than taking apart and putting back together a Lego set, or transforming Optimus Prime back and forth. And the Mario fist pump poster doesn’t hurt either. Plus all of these figures give me a stepping stone in which to jumpstart my imagination and inspiration.

I hope you all have something you can find inspiring too!


P.S. Those animals framed are my pets back home. My dog, Mia Bella, and my cats, Romeo and Juliette. I love and miss them all so much and they help to when needing a burst of creativity!


Love to hear your thoughts

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