Fantastic? Sure seems so.

Earlier this morning 20th Century Fox uploaded the first teaser trailer for their upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise.

Question: How many of you knew that Fox as even making this movie?

Honestly, what is startling about this is not the content itself, but rather the lack thereof. Normally, movie trailers don’t get shown until a few months before release and this fits that bill. What is interesting about this movie in particular is that practically NOTHING HAS BEEN SHOWN BEFORE THIS! There have barely been any picture or set leaks and this movie comes out in August!

Maybe I am foolish for trusting a trailer so soon, but I am impressed. The whole package feels well made, giving the audience bits and pieces of what is to come without totally spoiling every character and plot point.

My first take of the cast is their age. They look young, barely older than me, which is jarring especially for the line of work that the trailer shows them performing. What I do like is that each character has been cast marvelously. Kate Mara, The Invisible Woman, often portrays the super-serious role, which she excels at in House of Cards. Michael B. Jordan, The Human Torch, was brilliant in Chronicle as the fun-loving, popular everyman, which fit his character and will contrast Mara nicely. Jaime Bell, The Thing, has experience with motion capture, which will help immensely in filling that character with life. And from the trailer, Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, looks to bring them all together with leadership that rivals other superhero greats. Plus, if that money shot at the end is any indication, they are certainly going to look the part. The Thing looks absolutely boss! Let’s hope they give Toby Kebbell, Dr. Doom, as much love as the rest of the cast.

I hope this movie works. I really do, because I found the last two Fantastic Four movies to be a bit campy. I am sure Josh Trank will guide this movie in the right direction. If his work with Chronicle is any indication, then you can be assured that he knows how to make superpowers visually appealing and more importantly, the people who wield them.


P.S. Fant4stic? Are you kidding me? *sighs*


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