My March of the Penguin

As per the usual of Oneonta, the weather tends to be erratic and even extreme in some cases. Last night happened to be one of those nights where the weather went nuts and dumped everyone’s favorite white powder everywhere.

It's true!

It’s true!

Normally I don’t mind snow TOO much, but Oneonta’s maintenance staff did an absolutely deplorable job clearing the campus before classes began. Slush and ice covered the roads and sidewalks and the wind howling in my face didn’t make it any better. Walking more than 10 feet proved to be more than enough of a core workout. As I and my fellow undergrads waddled around campus, I couldn’t help but think of two things: Shouting Danny Devito’s speech to liberate Gotham as the Penguin in the Quad and my favorite Pokémon of all time.

He’s definitely too good for tap dancing

Empoleon definitely holds a strong place in my heart. I can’t tell exactly what it is that I love about him so much. Maybe it’s his look. That regal navy blue with light blue highlights paired with that lacy vestiture. Not to mention that beak-trident combination reminiscent of a crown. Maybe it’s because he is a Water-Steel combination, making him an absolute tank when battling. Or maybe it’s because he was my first true Pokémon.

Every game before that was borrowed or given from a friend on a handheld I didn’t own myself. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were the first games that I truly own on a system that I bought. When I got my first Piplup, it was like getting a pet as a child. I spent hours taking care and raising it, making it just right. Piplup became Empoleon and with it, set a bar for all companions for life.

Talk about relationship goals.


Have a great weekend!


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