Lived Long and Prospered

It would be hard, even for a Vulcan, to calculate how much or strong of an impact that he had. Not just in television, or film, but to society as a whole. Leonard Nimoy was a true visionary of the arts, bringing soul to everything he touched.

Most knew Nimoy as Spock, the intelligent, emotionless alien from Star Trek. Through this role, he brought science fiction to a whole new audience, bringing it to the mainstream. He and his character gave new meaningful commentary on the changing times, inspiring quotes and thoughts that last even today. There isn’t a soul who doesn’t recognize the Vulcan salute, and you will be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees with helping the needs of the many.

Even outside the realm of Star Trek, Nimoy made strides. He lent his voice talents to a multitude of characters, ranging from the noble to the traitorous. It’s remarkable to believe that Sentinel Prime and King Nedakh were voiced by this amazing talent. His directing skills led to some remarkable films and he even had a knack for music. The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins is always great fun.

What strikes me the most though is how strong of a role model he was. Spock and Nimoy showed how to control one’s emotions and use diplomacy and powerful thoughts to convey one’s message and get the job done. Definitely something many people today could use more of and something I strive towards everyday.

The world will miss you Mr. Nimoy. May you join the truly final frontier.


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