This Direct better not be a joke

Nintendo must either have a mad man or a complete genius behind the timing of their events. In the midst of all the April Fool’s jokes and gags that comprises the Internet, they announced a new Nintendo Direct. What’s even more insane is that this announcement is on top of a rumor days earlier about said Direct. In the immortal words of the April Fool…


But taking the time to examine all the parts is where the true brilliance of this really shines.

It all starts with a supposed leak from a German Nintendo Europe employee, outlining an upcoming Nintendo Direct. MyNintendoNews has an extensive recap of the supposed leak, fully translated. It goes into quite extensive details of all facets of Nintendo products and services rolling out within the next few months. Everything within the leak seemed to good to be true. Nintendo 64 and more Wii games in the eShop. New Splatoon and Smash amiibo info. Release dates and preordering through DeNA eShop framework. Heck, even a new Paper Mario title! Which is why I was ready to write this off without any hesitation. Nintendo couldn’t possibly announce all of this at one time…

Reggie… Don’t do this to me… My body isn’t ready!

And then Nintendo confirms this morning that they will have new Direct at 3 P.M. PT. Which strongly suggest that the leak was may be more than just speculation. But it makes perfect sense. To start, Nintendo has been pretty quiet regarding its game and future line up. We haven’t had a Direct since January, which means no solid news for almost 3 months now. That is a long time for a company with some struggling hardware issues to stay silent. They also have to make up for the recent delay of the next installment of the Legend of Zelda series. With one of Nintendo largest franchises skipping their console this year, it makes perfect sense to win back fans. It’s almost a necessity at this point. And to add icing on the cake, a certain Club Nintendo promotion ends today. Nintendo gave everyone a deadline of March 31st to register both versions of Smash Brothers with their rewards program to guarantee them the future download of the character Mewtwo. With series director Masahiro Sakurai’s recent statement of the DLC being basically complete, it would perfect to release it right after the cutoff. It’s somewhat refreshing to see Nintendo, the whimsical, fun-loving company, take such a serious approach, especially considering what day it is. I don’t know if they will show everything on the leak. I’m sure there will be some things missing here and there and maybe something completely new. However, if there is one thing Nintendo knows how to do, it’s giving something a fan just can’t help but be excited for. Joe Why stop here? Join the fun tomorrow and watch Nintendo’s announcement right here. And feel free to follow me on Twitter or Periscope as I hopefully live tweet or stream my reaction to the stream.


Love to hear your thoughts

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