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What a weekend to be a movie-goer! The last few days have given us trailer after trailer for movies big and small. There were super intelligent dinosaurs, fantastical children stories and we even got a better look at that galaxy far, far away. What really excites me the most is that within this summer, there is a movie for almost everyone to enjoy. I can tell you right now that if you need to find me this summer, I will be glued to the seat of my local theater, savoring every moment of these films.

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Fantastic? Sure seems so.

Earlier this morning 20th Century Fox uploaded the first teaser trailer for their upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise.

Question: How many of you knew that Fox as even making this movie?

Honestly, what is startling about this is not the content itself, but rather the lack thereof. Normally, movie trailers don’t get shown until a few months before release and this fits that bill. What is interesting about this movie in particular is that practically NOTHING HAS BEEN SHOWN BEFORE THIS! There have barely been any picture or set leaks and this movie comes out in August!

Maybe I am foolish for trusting a trailer so soon, but I am impressed. The whole package feels well made, giving the audience bits and pieces of what is to come without totally spoiling every character and plot point.

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