This Direct better not be a joke

Nintendo must either have a mad man or a complete genius behind the timing of their events. In the midst of all the April Fool’s jokes and gags that comprises the Internet, they announced a new Nintendo Direct. What’s even more insane is that this announcement is on top of a rumor days earlier about said Direct. In the immortal words of the April Fool…


But taking the time to examine all the parts is where the true brilliance of this really shines.

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The Hero of Time needs more of it apparently…

Nintendo fans, myself included, gasped in disbelief yesterday as Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma announced that the next installment in the series in no longer slated for a 2015 release. While many took this delay personally, shouting across the internet, claiming Nintendo to be “incompetent” and “unfaithful”, this may in fact be the best thing to happen to this game.

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I’ll take a Nintendo console… To go, please!

It is no small secret that the Wii U has not been the critical success the Wii was, nor has it matched the sheer numbers of sales that the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have reached in its lifetime on the market. So, it is unsurprising that Nintendo has already started work on their next console. What will be surprising however, is the development path they take, and how they will integrate their hardware into the ever-changing tech landscape.

As in the past, Nintendo begins working on their next console as soon as they finish one, giving them plenty of time to truly plan out what they envision the future to be. Even back in 2012, we heard mumbling on what’s coming next. Although there is some speculation to the particulars of the new devices, one thing is for certain: Integration between the handheld and console will be key.

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Out with the old, and hopefully in with the new

UPDATE (2/2/15): Nintendo has updated their rewards for February, the final month for new rewards, and HOLY COW! Nintendo has uploaded over 100 downloadable titles from their current console and Virtual Console catalogue. Nintendo has also added some new physical rewards as well. Definitely a fitting ending to this amazing club. Go and redeem those coins!

Nintendo has long prided itself with its treasure trove of beloved properties and creating merchandise to commemorate them. Ever since the NES era, Nintendo has been making blankets, statues, keychains and even cereal to show off its characters. Heck, the company got its start as a hanafuda card maker and moved on to making toys before video games. And since 2008, Nintendo has been channeling this love into their reward service, Club Nintendo. It was a one-stop shop for dedicated fans to register products, answer surveys and in return, get access to some of the best gifts Nintendo had to offer. There was nothing more exciting than getting something new from the shop. But alas, it is no more. Nintendo has decided to shut down the service, ending a long standing run of enjoyment and service to dedicated fans. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as it seems that we are about to start another long and prosperous journey with this remarkable company.

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Even more powerful than E=mc2

All throughout your educational career, you are given formulas for solving almost any problem. None of those formulas have had quite as large an impact as these two have. Not even the quadratic formula.

These are arguably the most influential formulas on my entire life.

Catch Rate Formula

Shake formula

They are the formulas for determining whether or not you capture a wild Pokémon.

I’ve spent LITERAL MONTHS playing these games and never once stopped to think how the game came to the conclusion that I have successfully captured a Pokémon. How did GameFreak even come to settle with this model?

Just shows how much is never seen or appreciated.

To be honest, I still think it correlates to how quickly I smash the “A” Button.


For a more in-depth explanation on how this formula works, head on over to

New semester, new games!

As a I start a new (and hopefully final) semester of my undergraduate college career, there is always the struggle of how do I afford school, food, friends, and fun versus continuing to play as many games as I possibly can. As someone who has interests in a variety of genres, this gets maddening. It’s tough not to get excited at seeing all the fun Nintendo will offer in the coming months.

Nintendo, in particular, had one of its famous Directs about a week and a half ago. For those who are unaware, Nintendo began a trend a few years back in which they would host a web broadcast in which executives and developers would give brief presentations on their upcoming projects, ranging from new footage, to sales, to even entirely new announcements. On January 14th, in a 45 minute span, Nintendo outlined “directly” how the next few months would play out game-wise. Here are a few highlights which caught my eye.

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